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BULAD Media - Bisan Unsa Lang Ang Diskarte
About Us


Bisan Unsa Lang Ang Diskarte (BULAD) Media is a commercial channel out of fun and the aim of promoting generic products and everything in general.

Through BULAD Media, we aim to showcase our photography and videography capability by making commercials with the use of a mobile.

BULAD Media Mobile Gimbal - Bisan Unsa Lang Ang Diskarte
Meet Us

Our Team

Bisan Unsa Lang Ang Diskarte (BULAD) Media existed out of fun and to avoid boredom. None of this was planned.

We are a Web Development Team on our daily routine and BULAD Media on our free time to maintain work and fun balance.

BULAD Media is a commercial channel promoting generic and local products and everything in general.

By this, we aim to boost and promote local products and tourism through our fresh and fun content.

Join us as we create and communicate. Whatever we can think, we create!

Clifford Kent – Director
Daphnie – Editor
Diane – Scriptwriter
JR – Producer

Pomeranians - Almond, Peanut, & Cashew
The BULAD Media Team
BULAD Media Team

BULAD Media Awards

DTI Tara Vlog Tayo 2022 Awarding
Vlog Making

5 Consumer Responsibilities

In celebration of Consumer Welfare Month, BULAD Media joined the celebration by participating in one of DTI’s many activities, Tara Vlog Tayo Season 2.

As a customer or a client, we have certain responsibilities that we must uphold to maintain a productive and respectful relationship with businesses. By understanding and adhering to these five consumer responsibilities, one can ensure that they are getting the most out of their interactions with businesses and avoiding any potential conflict.

Be responsible. Know your responsibilities as a consumer!

Film Making


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in different ways. For some of us, it has meant being away from our families and brought us closer to our co-workers, the people who have become our second family. It has been a difficult time for everyone, but we have all pulled together and supported each other as best we can.

We all had to make sacrifices during this time, but we know it is for the greater good. We have learned to appreciate the little things in life, and we are grateful for the support of our families and friends.

This pandemic has changed us in many ways, but it has also brought us closer together. We will never forget what COVID-19 did to us, but we will also never forget the strength and resilience we showed in overcoming it.

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